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  Matt Johnson: International Escape Artist Extraordinaire

When you're hiring an international escape artist or an escape artist magician for your corporate event, you want to make sure you're getting someone who has the experience necessary to put on an unforgettable show. Matt Johnson has decades of experience working as an international escape artist and loves the thrill of performing as an escape artist magician in front of crowds.



Matt is from the United Kingdom and got his start over 25 years ago. When Matt got started with magic, he performed small shows in his hometown as a traditional magician. He quickly realized he was made for more and decided to learn the jaw-dropping art of escape. As he traveled, he had the opportunity to learn from magicians and escape artists around the world, allowing him to hone his craft over the years. He is now based in Vancouver, Canada and works full time to share his love of magic and escapology with others. Matt has traveled the world performing magic and escape artistry and is happy to talk with you about traveling to your event. His name is recognizable in magic circles throughout the world, and it's likely that you've already seen some of his work on Britain's Got Talent or The Late Late Show With James Corden.



Matt not only understands the technical aspects of being an incredible escape artist magician: he also knows how to put on a show that will entertain and wow the crowd. People who see Matt marvel in the fact that he is not simply performing tricks - he's slick, and his stage presence leaves people mesmerized by his shows. When you choose to work with Matt, you're not just getting a magic or escape artist show - you're getting a full theatrical performance that will leave your guests amazed.



Rated as performing the #1 most dangerous magic trick in the world, Matt loves to shock the crowd with death-defying stunts that will leave them wondering just how he made it through unscathed. When your guests get to enjoy Matt Johnson's magic at your event, there's no doubt that they'll be talking it up for years to come. Having Matt perform at your event this year is a great way to boost attendance for the following year, and even years after that.

If you're ready to put on an event that will leave your guests amazed, reach out to Matt Johnson via this website. His team will work with you to coordinate travel and performances. While Matt is flexible, it's recommended that you book several months (or years) in advance, as his calendar does fill up quickly.




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Matt Johnson is an international magician, corporate entertainer and corporate magician based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. If you are looking for magicians or entertainers for hire for your next special event, theater, cruise ship, conference, trade show, company party, staff party or team building event you came to the right place.

Matt Johnson is not only a magician in Vancouver but also an international magician and escape artist available for special events and entertainment worldwide. He has performed as a magician in Canada, Dubai, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Australia and more. He has been viewed in over 60 countries around the world making him one of the most watched international magicians in the world today.


As a an international magician, escape artist and entertainer Matt Johnson also travels internationally and has performed all over the world. If you are looking for an international magician for your next event then consider Matt Johnson of Urban Deception as the perfect choice. His entire show can be flown anywhere in the world.


Mat has also been a featured magician and escape artist on tv shows all over the world including Britain's Got Talent, Penn & Teller Fool Us, Tu Si Que Vales and Wizard Wars! He has also appeared on Syfy channel, CW network, ITV, Breakfast Television, The Lorraine Show, CTV, City News and more.

When looking for event entertainment booking the right entertainer for your event is important. Matt Johnson is the perfect choice!


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