Matt Johnson - International Magician

  Matt Johnson, International Illusionist and World Magician

Whether you know it or not, it's likely that you've seen international illusionist Matt Johnson either on television or online. His performances as a world magician on America's Got talent, Britain's Got Talent and The Late Late Show With James Corden have brought critical acclaim from all corners of the globe. Matt Johnson is an international magician who knows how to put on a good magic show - he's a showman who understands how to captivate a crowd and put on a performance that will leave them wowed for years to come. When you're searching for international magicians, you're likely to come across plenty of quality magicians, but you don't just need a magician - you need the VERY BEST!



In 2019, Matt was chosen as one of the top 50 entertainment acts in the world to perform on The World's Best, directly following the Super Bowl. From the SyFy network to performing in Las Vegas, Matt has made a name for himself as a world magician. He's also known as having the most dangerous acts in the entire world, and his show is unlike anything even the most seasoned magic enthusiasts have ever seen before.



Described by multiple media outlets as a breathtaking daredevil, reality is suspended for viewers as they try to understand how Matt is doing what he's doing - effortlessly. Matt is not stuck performing in one region, as his entire show is able to be transported anywhere in the world. Location is no issue - no matter what country you're in, Matt can come to you and help make your event unforgettable.

As an international illusionist, Matt is proud to bring crowds shows that will excite and pique curiosity. He knows how to create the perfect mix of drama and humour on stage, captivating his audience as they watch his magic unfold before their eyes. While Matt does many large shows in concert venues, he's also happy to perform for smaller corporate events, bringing long weeks of meetings much-needed relief from nonstop work.



If you're ready to book top entertainment for your event, Matt Johnson is here to help. Whether you have a large corporate event, a staff party, a team-building event, or any gathering where you want your crowd to be amazed, Matt is the magician you want in your corner.


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