Matt Johnson's latest offering to the ACAAN plot!

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The Holy Grail of card magic, Any Card at Any Number (ACAAN), made famous by none other than David Berglas himself has taken a leap forward in The Journey from Matt Johnson; one of the easiest, most commercial, instantly reset versions of any card at any number you've ever seen.

For those unfamiliar with the ACAAN plot, a spectator names any playing card as well as any number between 1 and 52. Then, with a deck that has been on display the entire time, untouched by the magician, the spectator deals down to the selected number and the selected card is found at that exact position.

In The Journey Matt Johnson teaches not one, not two, not three, not even four but FIVE versions of Any Card at Any Number! Some with sleight of hand, some instantly reset, some where the spectator deals, some with a gimmicked deck and some with a borrowed, shuffled deck! No matter your skill level or expertise - from beginner to professional - you're sure to find something that you will use.

An example performance would go as follows. After borrowing a deck of cards the magician has a spectator name any card. The magician then spreads through the cards to ensure the selected card is there. Showing that the selected card is not among the immediate top or bottom cards, the spectator is asked to name any number between 1 and 52. The magician then openly deals down to the selected number and sure enough, the selected card is at that number!



  • 5 methods taught at varying levels of skill

  • 6 years in the making

  • Full and unedited performances shown

  • Complete with gimmicks to make your own Journey deck


The Journey represents six years of Matt Johnson's life in one amazing instructional DVD. You will be taken step by step through the multiple versions of arguably one of the most talked about effects in the world of magic. The entire DVD was shot on location in Blackpool, England at the world's largest magic convention where Matt fooled professional magicians with The Journey. Every performance and mind blowing reaction is shown in full and unedited. If you have been searching for the ultimate version of ACAAN look no further. Join Matt Johnson in one of his most anticipated releases to date and get ready to take The Journey.

With your purchase you will receive custom gimmicks to create your very own Journey deck, and will also learn how to perform The Journey any time and anywhere with a borrowed and shuffled deck! As an added bonus, you will find Matt's original release from 2011 "ACAAN" included on the DVD along with bonus handling tips and suggestions.

For anyone interested in ACAAN effects, The Journey is a must-have item and one we're sure you'll be using in your set.




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Mat has also been a featured magician and escape artist on tv shows all over the world including Britain's Got Talent, Penn & Teller Fool Us, Tu Si Que Vales and Wizard Wars! He has also appeared on Syfy channel, CW network, ITV, Breakfast Television, The Lorraine Show, CTV, City News and more.

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