Take Your Corporate Event To The Next Level With A Professional Magician

When you hold a corporate event, you know you're there to work. In addition to getting down to business, you also want to provide top quality entertainment to the people who attend your event. Hiring a professional magician is a great way to keep your crowd entertained and talking about your event for weeks or even years to come. When you're searching for magicians for hire, you want a professional who understands how to wow the crowd.

When you're looking for magicians for hire, it's key to ensure that the magician you choose has performed in front of large crowds in the past. A quality magician will be able to provide you with reviews and references for their shows, helping you to ensure that they're a good fit for your event. When you talk with your magician, they'll want to know the specifics of your event, including the space you'll have available, the amount of time they'll be expected to perform, and the crowd that can be expected at the event.



If you're debating whether a magician would be a good fit for your event, it's a good idea to include the magician's act as a part of nightly entertainment. It can be hard for people who are attending a corporate event to switch back and forth between business and fun during the day. Making a magic show a fun part of an evening at your event gives your attendees the chance to kick back and relax while they enjoy the show.



If you're ready to create a corporate event that people will be looking forward to year after year, finding a magician for hire is the perfect way to make your weekend or week-long event unforgettable. Matt Johnson has decades of experience performing as a professional magician, and he'd love to talk with you about how he can make your event special. Give him a call or reach out via this website to learn more about how Matt Johnson can help you create an amazing corporate event.




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Matt Johnson is an international magician, corporate entertainer and corporate magician based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. If you are looking for magicians or entertainers for hire for your next special event, theater, cruise ship, conference, trade show, company party, staff party or team building event you came to the right place.

Matt Johnson is not only a magician in Vancouver but also an international magician and escape artist available for special events and entertainment worldwide. He has performed as a magician in Canada, Dubai, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Australia and more. He has been viewed in over 60 countries around the world making him one of the most watched international magicians in the world today.


As a an international magician, escape artist and entertainer Matt Johnson also travels internationally and has performed all over the world. If you are looking for an international magician for your next event then consider Matt Johnson of Urban Deception as the perfect choice. His entire show can be flown anywhere in the world.


Mat has also been a featured magician and escape artist on tv shows all over the world including Britain's Got Talent, Penn & Teller Fool Us, Tu Si Que Vales and Wizard Wars! He has also appeared on Syfy channel, CW network, ITV, Breakfast Television, The Lorraine Show, CTV, City News and more.

When looking for event entertainment booking the right entertainer for your event is important. Matt Johnson is the perfect choice!


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